About Us

Women In Jazz Organization is a collective of over 300 professional performing Jazz Musicians who identify as Women or gender Non-Binary. Largely a New York City-based organization, with connections to other individuals and groups nationally and internationally.


There is a lack of representation of women in the Jazz world

Women in Jazz face discrimination

Women in Jazz experience harassment, assault, abuse and violence

Women in Jazz don’t receive the same opportunities as men in Jazz do

Women in Jazz don’t have the same community available to them that men in Jazz do

Why we started WIJO:

To create a group of women in Jazz that can meet and share experiences, to have peers to talk with and share stories and support, so as not to feel alone.

To build a network of women in Jazz to share resources with, learn from each other, and empower each other and the entire women in Jazz community as a whole.

To work on issues in the Jazz community: how men see and treat us; how people outside the Jazz community see and treat us; and how we see and treat ourselves and each other.

To improve the experience of women and non-binary people in Jazz.

What WIJO provides:

Empowerment/personal development/learning space/resources

Community building/support group/network & connectivity tool

Outreach programs & mentorship

Social justice/advocacy/action for change; dismantling barriers and inequities in Jazz

Creating more opportunities for members to perform, work, learn, and participate in Jazz

Providing established voice to represent individual women & non-binary people in Jazz