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WIJO Mentors Program

WIJO member Emily Pecoraro, in collaboration with WIJO leadership, has launched the inaugural WIJO MENTORS program, where professional jazz musicians and WIJO members have been paired with selected female and non-binary college students through an application process, to provide mentoring for young musicians who are studying jazz performance in college. The mentorship lasts one semester. Students can apply as many semesters as they like. WIJO members are working on a volunteer basis, and are also selected to participate in the program through an application process. Mentors offer their guidance and support in a one-on-one setting, to young musicians in the field, including at least one private lesson, and professional feedback on their application. WIJO Mentees are also invited to participate in a special WIJO Mentors event, to introduce them to the WIJO community at large. More information about the application process is available on the Mentors page. The first Semester of the program began on September 1 and lasts for the duration of the Fall 2018 Semester.

WIJO Mentors Application Deadline is now closed. Please stay tuned for info on how to apply for the Spring 2019 Semester!



WIJO recently hosted two radio shows on WKCR-FM September 19th & December 5th, 6-9pm for a specially curated playlist, featuring music exclusively from WIJO / Women In Jazz Organization members! WIJO Founder Roxy Coss and WIJO Member Marta Sanchez hosted, along with WIJO Leader Tahira Clayton on Dec 5th, discussing the organization.

WIJO Playlist for September 19th, 2018.


WIJO Holiday Celebration and Performance, including a WIJO Member Jam at Kitano

Join WIJO in celebrating the Holidays and the end of another successful and productive year!
WIJO Members will present an evening of music, featuring a set from the house band, followed by a diverse and engaging evening to spotlight our many talented and skilled members, from many corners of the world.
Jazz at Kitano
December 18th, 2018
Thank you to WIJO Member Iris Ornig for organizing this event!

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