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WIJO MENTORS 2024: Mentee Applications Now Open

Deadline: November 17, 2023 11:59pm EST

WIJO Mentors is a program designed to connect and enrich the community of women and non-binary people in Jazz. The program provides strong role models to up-and-coming jazz musicians and composers in a safe and supportive environment, and offers a way for established jazz musicians and composers on the scene to actively participate in and help shape the future of their art form. Selected Mentee participants will work with professionals from around the world in a one-on-one setting to receive guidance on musical, career, and interpersonal skills, as well as having a once in a lifetime experience to build a new relationship with an established musician or composer.  WIJO Mentors is looking for mentees who show strong artistic vision, a commitment to furthering their musical and professional growth in the area of jazz, and potential to contribute to the community of women and non-binary people in jazz.

WIJO Mentors 2023-2024 will run January 2, 2024 through August 1, 2024 and is a no-cost program for all selected participants.

WIJO Mentors will accept up to 20 mentee participants this year.

WIJO Internship: Now Accepting Applications

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Deadline: Rolling

Women in Jazz Organization is looking for  interns to join the WIJO Internship Program. The WIJO Internship Program is a great way for up-and-coming music-community leaders to gain real, hands-on professional experience and insight into the day-to-day activities of a start-up nonprofit organization. The internship program is designed for motivated students or young professionals who are interested in gaining the real-life multifaceted skills that it takes to run an organization and its affiliated programs in today’s music industry. The WIJO Intern will receive a meaningful, educational, and enjoyable work experience and work with established jazz musicians-turned-community-leaders, while being exposed to the broader music industry environment. A full description of the internship program is available on our "Team" Page of the website.

If interested in applying for this opportunity, please send your current resume to womeninjazzorg@gmail.com with the subject “WIJO INTERN RESUME” and a brief letter introducing yourself and describing your interest in this program.

More information available on our TEAM page, or just send us an email!


wijo mentors

THANK YOU to our Donors for the 2020-2021 WIJO Mentors Fundraiser!

MARCH 8, 2021 - Women in Jazz Organization launched a fundraising campaign to support WIJO Mentorsits collegiate mentorship program. The fundraiser ran from International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021 through International Jazz Day, April 30, 2021, honoring both Women’s History Month (March) and Jazz Appreciation Month (April). We were able to raise over $7K in proceeds from this campaign, to go solely towards running the WIJO Mentors program. Although this campaign has concluded, you can always contribute to our ongoing efforts at Women In Jazz Organization (including WIJO Mentors), by donating via Paypal here.

WIJO Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives


Many of us are hurting in a multitude of ways as a result of this crisis, both personally and professionally. Almost all of us have experienced extreme loss from this pandemic - including performance, teaching opportunities, and a sense of our community. We are so inspired by how resilient and strong you are and take some comfort seeing all of the ways you’ve been charging forward already; continuing to create art, keeping your lessons going, reaching out to audiences, and to each other.  Please see below, a list of resources that we have compiled for you, and hope will help to further support you through this.

Past Projects

WIJO Mentors Program

WIJO Mentors completed its second semester!

WIJO completed its second full semester of the WIJO MENTORS program, where professional jazz musicians from WIJO are paired with selected young women and non binary people in jazz through an application process, to provide mentoring for college level jazz musicians. WIJO members are working on a volunteer basis. The mentorship lasts one semester.

Mentors offer their guidance and support in a one-on-one setting, offering young musicians in the field at least one private lesson, discussions, and professional feedback on their applications. WIJO Mentors Participants are also invited to participate in a special WIJO Mentors event, to introduce them to the WIJO community at large.

Students can apply as many semesters as they like. More information about the application process is available on the Mentors page.


WIJO Concert March 2018

WIJO Celebrates International Women's Day @ UNIS with WIJO Concert

WIJO partnered with United Nations International School to present a Student Masterclass with renowned drummer and WIJO Member Allison Miller, as well as an evening concert featuring four WIJO Members: Allison, Carmen Staaf, Nadje Noordhuis and Noriko Ueda. Special thanks to Allegra Levy and family for organizing this event!

WKCR Radio Show December 2018

WIJO has hosted 3 nights of WKCR's "Musician's Show," featuring specially curated playlists of music exclusively from WIJO / Women In Jazz Organization members!

MARCH 27, 2019 - WIJO Member Lisa Parrott and Leaders Aubrey Johnson & Roxy Coss hosted our 3rd WIJO on WKCR Radio Show, continuing the discussion on our recent projects!

DECEMBER 5, 2018 - WIJO Founder Roxy Coss and WIJO Member Marta Sanchez hosted, along with WIJO Leader Tahira Clayton, discussing the organization and recent WIJO projects.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018 - WIJO Founder Roxy Coss and WIJO Member Marta Sanchez hosted, introducig the organization and musicians.

WIJO WKCR Playlist_ 9_19_2018

WIJO WKCR Playlist_ 12_5_2018

WIJO Jam at Kitano December 2018

WIJO Holiday Celebration & Member Jam Session

We had a blast celebrating another year at the Kitano in NYC with a fantastic group of WIJO members and supporters. The Jam feautred dozens of world-class jazz musicians, all members of WIJO. The session was led by our Founder, Roxy Coss, featuring our house rhythm section, ArcoIris Sandoval, Jeong Lim Yang, and Shirazette Tinnin. Special thanks to Iris Ornig for organizing this event! We hope to see you at our next jam!

Winter JazzFest Panel Discussion January 2019

NYC Winter JazzFest / Jazz Talks

JAZZ AND GENDER: FINDING SOLIDARITY With Toshi Reagon, Roxy Coss, Vanessa Reed, Imani Uzuri, Fay Victor, John Murph, and co-moderated by Sarah Elizabeth Charles and Nate Chinen
Event Description:Winter Jazzfest presents: What does it mean to be an ally in the jazz community, at this point in time? Co-moderated by vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles and critic Nate Chinen, the panel included artist representatives from the We Have Voice collective and the Women in Jazz Organization, Keychange Founder Vanessa Reed — as well as musicians seeking to further develop and exist as allies in the conversation around gender relations and identify.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

Contact us to find out more about what WIJO is doing, and how you can become a WIJO member or supporter today!

WIJO supports the We Have Voice Code of Conduct