WIJO Mentors Program

Now announcing Women In Jazz Organization’s inaugural mentorship program, WIJO Mentors!

WIJO Mentors Program will provide the opportunity for young women and non-binary musicians from collegiate-level jazz departments to learn from the pros in a safe and supportive environment.

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Applications for the Fall 2018 Semester are now Closed. Please check back in the Winter for information on how to apply for the Spring 2019 Semester!

Program Outline & Requirements:

Connect - Mentors will provide 3 hours of meetings/discussion with Mentee per semester - in person, video chat, or phone

Musical Guidance - Mentors will provide one 1-hour lesson to Mentee in person, if geography allows (or via video chat)

Professional Feedback - Mentor will provide feedback to Mentee on application video performance, resume, and bio

Introductory Meeting - All WIJO Mentors & Mentees will be invited to an introductory WIJO Member Meeting

Resources - Mentees will gain access to a database of WIJO Mentors materials, including WIJO Member Resources

Mentee Expectations:

Provide Mentor with schedule of availability to fulfill Mentorship requirements

Fulfill and attend all WIJO Mentors Program Requirements

Commitment to honoring the core values of WIJO and the WIJO Mission Statement


Mentor Expectations:

Attendance at one WIJO Mentors Prep Meeting and one WIJO Mentors Follow-Up Meeting

Fulfill and attend all WIJO Mentors Program Requirements

Commitment to honoring the core values of WIJO and the WIJO Mission Statement


Topics of discussion may include:

Listening recommendations

Practical musical skills including: practice routine, bandleading, chart writing, attending/leading a session, etc.

Practical entrepreneurial skills including: social media management, branding, booking gigs, grant writing, etc.

Practical interpersonal skills related to leading a successful career in the jazz community

Shared experiences as a woman in jazz

Mentees will be selected and paired with Mentors based on application forms, letters of recommendation, performance on video submission, and other considerations including musical skill, artistic vision, business experience, location, and potential for growth, as well as ability to contribute to the community of women in jazz.

All WIJO Mentors Mentee applicants will receive feedback on their applications, and will be invited to attend all WIJO mentors events, even if they do not get selected for the current 2018 WIJO Mentors Program. Applicants are encouraged to apply and re-apply for as many semesters as they are eligible.

How to Apply

Mentee applicants must submit the following:
  • WIJO Mentors online application form
  • Current resume & bio
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Link to video recording (Download WIJO MENTORS video requirements)
  • $25 USD application fee
Mentor applicants must submit the following:
  • -WIJO Mentors online application form


All applicants are required to submit a video recording in order to be considered for the WIJO mentors program.


It is not required that the format be a professional or studio recording.

Audio should be clear and properly synced up with video, and should demonstrate the applicant’s best tone and sound.

Applicant is strongly encouraged to play with a live rhythm section or accompanist(s), or a play-along recording.

Applicant is strongly encouraged to demonstrate improvisation on some or all selections, and demonstrate their skill level to the best of their ability.

Applicant should perform at least two of the selections on their main instrument.

Video submission should not exceed more than 5 mins total.

Applicant should be fully visible throughout.

The applicant should be heavily featured; Video should not feature or showcase soloing by accompanists (It is OK to edit the video down).


1. Standard Ballad

2. Standard/Jazz Standard (medium or up tempo); selected from the songbooks of composers such as Gershwin, Ellington, Arlen, Rodgers & Hart, Kern, Berlin, etc.

3. Contrasting piece of choice (original compositions encouraged!)

Video recordings must be submitted via a Private YouTube Video Link, included in your online application form


If you have any questions about the WIJO Mentors Program or application process, please send us an email!