New Members

FAQ: Are you interested in WIJO Membership?

Q: Am I qualified to become a WIJO Member?

A: In order to qualify for WIJO Membership, you must:

-Identify as a Woman, Non-Binary or Gender Neutral Person

-Be a Professional Jazz Musician

Q: What do I need to do to become a WIJO Member?

A: You will need to fill out the "New Member Request" Google Form (link in button above) in order to be considered for WIJO Membership.

Once your Google Form is submitted, please be patient as we process your request - we will get to it as soon as we can, and once we do, you will receive an email to either confirm your membership, or let you know if there are any issues.

Q: What does it mean to be a “WIJO Member”?

A: Being a WIJO Member has many perks! Some are listed here:

-Be a part of an awesome community!

-Participate in community organizing and making real change in the Jazz scene.

-Name and Contact Info is included in our “WIJO Members” Database, ability to connect with all members and access to contact information.

-Receive information about all WIJO events, including invitations to our member-only private meetings, hangs, reading groups, and more.

-Receive regular organization updates, including meeting notes/agendas and any resources offered in meetings.

-Opportunity to provide input for shaping WIJO, and the opportunity to lead or be a committee member on any WIJO project and/or initiative.

-You may be recommended for work (gigs/teaching/etc) via WIJO sending your contact information to people who contact the organization, looking for musicians/educators for hire.

-Invitation to be featured in WIJO events and promotions, such as WIJO on WKCR Musicians Show, featuring music by all WIJO Members.

-Opportunity to be hired for WIJO concerts

-Opportunity to participate in the WIJO Mentors Program

-Gig promotion through our weekly "WIJO Weekly Gig Posting" on FB and other Social Media posts; have WIJO as a co-host on any FB Events for your gigs.

-Association with WIJO publicly.

-Access to WIJO Partnerships, such as Jazzahead! Conference, Radio programs like Jazz on PRI (Jazz After Hours & Jazz Happening Now), A Broad Spectrum, WKCR, and more.

-And MORE!