New Members:

Are you interested in becoming a WIJO Member?

Do I qualify to be a WIJO Member, What do I need to do to become a WIJO Member, and What does it mean to be a “WIJO Member”?

In order to qualify for WIJO Membership, you must be vetted by our leadership team, and approved as fulfilling the following requirements:

-Identify as a Woman or Non-Binary or Gender Neutral Person

-Are a Professional, Performing Jazz Musician

You will need to provide the following information in order to become a WIJO Member:


-Primary Instrument

-Email Address

-Website (Optional)

(See the “WIJO New Member Request Form”, linked above)

What does it mean to be a WIJO Member?

-Once you become a member, you will be included on our list of “WIJO Members”. The above information will then be included in our database.

-You will receive information about all WIJO events, including invitations to our member-only private meetings, hangs, and more.

-You will also receive regular organization updates, including meeting notes/agendas and any other resources involved in the meetings, organization planning, etc.

-You will have access to our private WIJO Facebook Group, which is a great platform for us members to connect and share resources, and engage in meaningful dialogue.

-You will have the opportunity to provide your own input for shaping WIJO, and the opportunity to lead or be a team member on any WIJO projects and initiatives.

-You may be recommended for work (gigs/teaching/etc) via WIJO sending this provided contact information to people who contact the organization, looking for ideas of women in jazz who they can hire.

Current Members:


Upcoming WIJO Monthly Meetings: Save The Dates!

July 24, 4-7pm

Upcoming WIJO Reading Group Meeting:


Upcoming WIJO Hangs:


WIJO's 1st Birthday Celebration!

July 29th, 2pm